Today, CBM MACHINES has reached a dynamic design and production capacity that together with a marked sensitivity to the highest safety and quality standards, permits it to act across the board in metal sheet working.

This means to offer a range of products in line with the company main goals: management simplicity, operational flexibility, high productivity, rational and reliable automation.

The strategy of CBM is to has a simple and flexible structure, able to produce equipment with high added value, out of the high competition schemas where the companies are today operating.

The typical customer to which CBM is looking for a product not in line with the market standard offer; we might say the CBM customer is looking for a plant being able to produce its final product with some competitive advantages, that can be:

  • high production rate;
  • final product with high quality standard;
  • long life term of the plant with low maintenance costs;
  • high plant integration with the most modern software systems for production management;
  • labour costs reduction;
  • reduction of production scraps, or improvement of the plant efficiency.
In CBM every product is made with high attention to every single detail, giving the right importance to every product technical characteristic.

The above are the reasons why the customers of CBM are being loyal during time, making the company a partner for their own development and creating relationships with high cooperation.