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Line for Garage doors

Continuous line for industrial and residential sectional doors production.

The plant is able to produce doors with adjustable widths from 366 mm to 800 mm, with industrial and residential joints.
Here following the main final goals:

  • production change, type of panel, in less than 3 minutes;
  • format change, dimensions of the panel, in less than 3 minutes;
  • coil store managing;
  • coil color controlled in line;
  • automatic handling, based upon an open cut list, of different types and combinations of product also with very low quantities, changes of color and coil type during production, of surface pattern (12 types), of cassette pattern (6 types), of vertical drawing (4 types), of embossing patters (2 types);
  • reduction of production scraps;
  • very high quality of the final product in terms of perfect repeatability, in time, of perfect design and of the dimensions of the final products.
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line for garage doors line for garage doors line for garage doors line for garage doors